Coaching for Changemakers

I work with changemakers to navigate personal, professional and societal transitions, and create the conditions for flourishing. 

The world needs so much from us in this time. But more than anything, it needs courage, authenticity and love.


Are you…


Wanting & working – in some way – to make the world a more just & regenerative place?

Driven by an internal compass more than external measures of success or impact?

Trying to answer complex problems, or navigate your way through messy or outdated power structures? 

Seeing the inner and outer as connected? Two parts of a whole?

Do you ever feel…

Uncertain or Stuck: going back and forth with what you should do or your next best step?

Exhausted: like the urgency of the work you face prevents you or your team from living?

Like you’re in a transition, not sure what lies on the other side of this liminal space, and wanting some support?

Uncomfortable or nervous navigating conflict, power dynamics and the uncertainty that comes with trying to revolutionise?

Worried that no matter how hard you work, you’re not having the impact you would like to have?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, we should hop on a call to talk about our options and fit for working together. 

Laura is brilliant at asking the right questions that enable anyone to find the answers needed. She is very collaborative, and listens with her whole being, making you feel like you are her only concern.


Laura’s ability to see clearly and get to the crux of issues, and to remain focused while gently facilitating insights and epiphanies is quite extraordinary.  Laura not only coached me on my life challenges, but also on my work with the NGO that I founded seven years ago.  She managed to shine a light of clarity on how I could best present my personal journey, which allowed me to deliver amazing presentations.


Thank you for entering my sphere of influence: the ideas you shared
POWERFULLY resolved some 15-year mullings and tanglings for me.


What To Expect From My Coaching


I work with changemakers, climate leaders and all those working for a more just & regenerative world.

We meet via Zoom, usually for one hour on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and keep in touch as necessary between sessions using email and phone.  The length, frequency and number of coaching conversations we have depends on who I am working with. 

While I might sometimes offer advice or speak from my own experiences, my coaching centres around asking deep and provocative questions.

I believe firmly that we live in a time with a myriad answers.  Solutions surround us.

What we do not often have is good questions to elicit our right use of the solutions.

Incorporated in to my coaching is working with the body.  I will often ask clients to check in in on what they are feeling in their body, to sense what may be arising.  I believe for the most part, our body is a place of truth and wisdom, and many of our sessions are started with a quick mindful drop in.

My coaching is designed to elicit new perspectives, fresh possibilities and a deeper insight into ourselves and our world.

How do the introduction calls work?

Our introduction call will go for approximately one hour. In this time, I’ll work with you to get a clear understanding of where you’re at, the challenges you face and where it is that you want to be.

While this call is not specifically coaching, it may feel like it.

My hope is that you’ll walk away from this call feeling clearer with your options and next step.

This call is completely free and no obligation.  We will talk about my fees, our options and any questions you may have during the call.

Who do you work with?

I work with people who are heart centred, values driven and have a keen sense that the world can be a more beautiful place (even if despair sometimes takes hold). 

They work to make the world a better place in a myriad ways, and often bring with them a practice and depth with spirituality and their inner worlds. 

They’re open-hearted, brave, compassionate and loving individuals who want support bridging their growth, leadership and wellbeing, with the wellbeing of the world. 

Laura has a unique way of getting down to the basics and helping you search deep into your soul to find answers.


Book an Intro Call

An intro call is a free 60 minute coaching chat.  We’ll talk about where you are, where you want to be and our options for working together.


What criteria do you have for coaching?

In addition to the above, I ask that all of my clients are:

  1. Committed to a positive impact in the world, in whatever space speaks to them.
  2. Willing to ask and answer difficult questions (within consent and capacity).  We have a world filled with answers, but often we’re missing the right question.
  3. Willing to experiment, step into the unknown.
  4. Show up meaningfully to the work

If you fill this criteria, let’s talk.

Do you speak at events or conferences?

Yes! Schedule a call above or reach out via email – I’d love to chat. 

Where do you work?

Online! I’m Australian but currently in Toronto, and work with clients across multiple countries.  We can work together to find the best time zone option.

Do you offer coaching for movements or teams?

Yes, I work with movements & organisations that are making deep change in the world (disrupting business as usual from the inside out).  All of my work with teams – whether coaching or workshops – is designed custom made. I do not believe their is a one-size-fits-all model for everyone.

If you would like to discuss this option, please book in for an intro call and mention it in the booking form. 

My workplace will pay...

Great! Let’s chat to see if we’re a good fit for coaching.

What's your idea of leadership?

Leadership should be inclusive, relational and in alignment with living principles.

Leadership is about being a good steward of power, and using our lives to help build a more just & regenerative world.

It’s about being in right relationship, viewing conflict as a generative possibility, and being consent-driven.

I also feel that leadership is a co-creative field… and I invite you to reflect on what that might mean.

Contact Me

Want to explore coaching or have another question? Just reach out below.