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Bridging Systems & Self

If you’re a changemaker, activist or wanting to remake the world, this work is for you. I bridge systems & self to help changemakers deepen their impact, while living their most meaningful lives.

You can find courses on cultural wayfinding, regenerative leadership, healing burnout culture, & the inner work of dismantling capitalism & patriarchy. Questions? Just reach out.

Ways to Work Together…

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What's your role as a changemaker?

Here’s the thing about change and remaking the world: it requires each of us to play our role.  And not just any role – the role that we feel called to.

With this in mind, its helpful to know there’s a framework for changemakers of 3 major callings.

Disrupt: to shine a light on injustice, halt it in its tracks.

Heal/Aid: to help those impacted by injustice

Build: to build the systems that stand as the old ones fall… and history teaches us, they always do.

Find your role in the guide below.